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Are you worried about how you are going to hit up coming deadlines?

We are Australian developers that can easily come along side your team and help out.

No job is too big or too small.

Stop worring about superannuation, PAYG, on-boarding, or recruitment hassles. Keep your costs predictable with high quality developers. Get them started quickly on your schedule, not ours.

At Bitplex, we're fast, reliable, and have a unique range of experience across industries and technology. C#, .Net, JS, Angular, Cordova, Tcl, Xamarin, React and more.

We've worked in many industries from Mining, to Line-of-Business, hardware control, Accounting, Project Planning and many others.

Work we've done

Bitplex has worked for many clients across many industries




Client hours provided

0-2 weeks

Time to be on your team

Why not just hire your own staff?

Finding quality staff is hard. Keeping quality staff is even harder. 

And if you are lucky enough to find them - when you hire a staff member - you now have all of the responsibilities that go with that.

Managing PAYG, insurance, office space, annual leave, sick leave. There is a lot of administration and management burden with hiring staff.

Why spend all that effort and time doing paperwork and managing those things?

Let us look after that for you. We give you predictable costs, high quality and already proven staff. You get to instead focus on your projects and delivering value to your customers.

Our mission is to 

Provide high quality advice, knowledge, and software architecture services.

Build the software that people need to do their work effectively. We create or re-use the right technology for the problems that need solving

Be the most trusted, reliable and go-to software company for regional Australia

Things we've built

A small sample of the software we've built over the years.

GamePlan - Visual Project Planning and Scheduling

GamePlan gives you a visual planning workspace. Planning is intuitive because you simply draw the project workflow. Visual planning eliminates mistakes, and everyone understands the project plan. GamePlan is a powerful, visual communication tool.

LabourForce HR

LabourForce is a custom HR and workforce management platform for labour hire comapanies in the mining sector.

If you have had to deal with coal bonuses, site timesheets, irregular shifts, managing claims, invoices and uniforms, then LabourForce will help manage your work force and drastically reduce your admin overhead.

No more double or triple entry of timesheets or spreadsheets.

Fishing Competition Management Platform

Working closely with the Boyne Tannum Hook Up, Australias largest family fishing competition, we have a customisable platform for management and running a fishing competition of any size.

It solves many of the challenges around ticket registration and payments, Weighins, TV displays, leaderboards, random prize draws.

Part Selection and Ordering Mobile App

If you are selling a customisable system to a customer, it is important the right options are selection during the discovery phase.

How useful would it be to have your sales person be guided through the component selection process while they are with the client? 

That is what our software provides, a mobile up made just for your business. It captures your complex part selection process and business rules. It will shorten the time taken to get that quote to your customer, and increase your sales conversions.

Who we work with

Here are some of the amazing people we are grateful to have worked with over the years.

Customer Feedback

.Net Desktop Development

Bitplex’s flexibility and understanding made it so easy to turn our vision into reality.  Whether it was complex technical requirements or just simple forms, Bitplex always delivered what we needed.  Bitplex was able to adapt quickly whenever our latest idea become a “need it now” priority. 

Michael Evans

Founder - Imago

Fishing Competition Platform

The Boyne Tannum HookUp is Australia's biggest family fishing competition and we have partnered with Bitplex over the past 6-years to build the electronic functionality to operate all facets of this large event. As a not-for-profit community event we had a vision of the end to end electronic process we wished to achieve to try to minimise volunteer man hours and administration effort. Bitplex have designed, upgraded, and continue to deliver the fishing competition online processes for entrant registration, stallholder registration, entrant fish weigh in, awarding of fishing competition winners and randomised draws for prize winners.

Jennifer McGuire

Boyne Tannum HookUp - President

Custom PHP Development

Bitplex are a solution focused team with a passion for client satisfaction and success. They have repeatedly demonstrated a genuine commitment to supporting our organisation, whether it be fulfilling urgent requests to assist with tight deadlines or providing trusted coding advice and support throughout the entire software development cycle. We’re proud to be working with Bitplex – in addition to their expertise and efficiency, they are also local talent here in Central Queensland that we can rely on and support.

Kash Walker

Web Developer - Fitzroy Partnership for River Health

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