Our Services

Software Development

Our team takes your unique business problem that cannot be solved with an off the shelf product, and together we design and develop custom software to meet your needs.

We can also come along side your existing development team to deliver on your deadlines and budget constraints. We expand your capacity and skill sets with a minimum of fuss and fit in with your existing technology and processes.

Software Integration 

Bitplex helps you make the most of your existing systems in your business.

Do you have 3 different subscription apps that just won’t talk to each other? We can automate the pushing and pulling information between your CRM and accounting package.

Do you have repetitive data entry tasks or reports that you dread doing every week?

We can help you be more productive and have more time for the things you enjoy doing.

Custom Reporting 

We work with your leadership team to create beautiful and automated reports so you can make better decisions, sooner.

We can help you set up your existing tools, or add custom reporting tools to solve the problem, or combine all the data from your applications into one central database that can be reported on.

Mobile App Development 

We transform your Mobile App from idea right through the development process all the way to market.

We can build completely new apps, or we can take over your existing app development.

If you have some enhancements or bug fixes, we can take care of those. We can help with processes to provide support and pro-active maintenance to prevent issues from breaking changes after phone updates.

Website Design 

Bitplex is here to turn your goal of connecting with customers online into a reality, in less time than you thought possible. We take your business goals and needs, and match it with the right level of design, implementation and support to get you up and running quickly.

Digital Consulting

Our consultancy arm is there to help you identify your business pain points, the challenges you are facing, and together we discover the solution that fits your business.

This may be as simple as setting up a whiteboard with magnetic markers in the lunch room. Or maybe it is finding the right mix of off-the-shelf products, or perhaps customising or building a solution just for you.

Website Hosting

We provide a premium hosting solution to make your customers enjoy visiting your web site. We offer hosting based in Australia, with direct support provided by our local team

Website Maintenance

Not every website needs a redesign, sometimes it just needs a little attention. We help you answer the question “What needs improving on my website?”

We measure if your existing site is slow or needs updating, or implement any image, menu or theme changes you need.

Industry Partnerships 

Bitplex is your ideal technology partner providing support and software development services to complement your existing service offering.

If you are getting requests from customers that outside of the core part of your business, we can help you retain those customers by solving those out-of-the-ordinary problems.

Information Events

We can deliver engaging and relevant content across a broad range of topics. We engage businesses on a real and practical level to help them get real results, move forward and gain the confidence and skills they need in a modern technology world

Our Technologies

Choosing the right technology matters.

Our team has a very broad experience base across many technologies and operating environments, built up over years of experience.

The right technology can make or break a project. We can work in with your existing team, processes and tools, or help you decide what works for your business.

Front End

  • Angular

  • AngularJS

  • React

  • VueJS

  • Typescript

Back End

  • .Net Core / C#

  • .Net Framework / C#

  • ASP.Net Core

  • ASP.Net MVC

  • Django

  • PHP

  • NodeJS


  • Xamarin / Xamarin.Forms

  • Cordova

  • WPF

  • WinForms / DevExpress

  • Flutter

Business and Processes

  • Pi Vision Reproting

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • Agile

  • Deployment

  • Azure DevOps

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Bitplex Hosting
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