What we do

Bitplex is a Central Queensland business that can build custom mobile, desktop or web applications.

What that means is we can help your business find ways of running more efficiently, letting your staff focus on work that grows your business, instead of repetitive data entry and chasing missing paper work.

We can also help bring your app idea to fruition. Got a killer app idea that’s ready to disrupt the marketplace?

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Local Business

We are based in Rockhampton, and our passion is to build up the local businesses here. Too often local businesses either miss out on the benefits of technology because they couldn’t find someone local.

Mobile Apps

Having your business accessible from your phone isn’t a nice-to-have any more, its an essential part of being a competitive business.

How much time do your staff spend answering phone calls to take bookings? How may times have things been double booked or oversold creating frustration for both you and the customer?

We can help modernise and integrate your internal systems so you can engage your customers more easily, and meet their expectations. Apps to keep track of your cash flow, booking systems, customer engagement, or even replacing paper forms with electronic ones, we can help you build them.

Older Systems

There is a fair chance that you have more than one Access database running your business, or very complicated Excel spreadsheets that an employee created 6 years that you’re too scared to change.

These tools help every day businesses keep running, but they are also introduce risk when things go wrong. Software upgrades, computer crashes and virus checkers can all cause strange things to happen and older systems to not work properly.

We can help consolidate these into modern, well maintained and documented systems, letting you move forward confident that you can rely on your tools.

Yes, I have old tools that need updating

Looking into your Business

If you aren’t sure what solutions you need, but you just know something needs to change, we can help you through that process. We will work alongside you to analyze your processes and business to provide ideas on ways to move forward.

Our focus is on solutions, not technology, and the simpler the better. Sometimes it might as simple as using pencils rather than pens, but other times something more sophisticated is needed. There is a lot of new and exciting technology out there, and it can have a genuine and positive impact on your business. It is our job to match it up with what you need.