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Nutrien Live Sales Platform

"Bitplex are a solution focused team with a passion for client satisfaction and success. They have repeatedly demonstrated a genuine commitment to supporting our organisation, whether it be fulfilling urgent requests to assist with tight deadlines or providing trusted coding advice and support throughout the entire software development cycle. We’re proud to be working with Bitplex – in addition to their expertise and efficiency, they are also local talent here in Central Queensland that we can rely on and support."

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“The Boyne Tannum HookUp is Australia’s biggest family fishing competition hosted across 3-days that attracts over 3,000 senior and junior entrants each year to compete across 15 fish species both live and dead and a team’s category.  This means there’s a lot of angler and fish information to manage to ensure that the correct entrants win the $400,000 worth of prizes.  So HookUp engaged Bitplex to build an integrated online process that allows people to enter the fishing competition via the HookUp website, that provides them an E-ticket they use upon weighing-in a fish to register their catch against their profile and their team, and then they also use this E-ticket to claim their prizes.  Seeing this specialised software was such a success the HookUp then looked at the other activities that surrounded the fishing competition and engaged Bitplex to build the electronic solutions to manage these too – for example an online stallholder process to apply, evaluate and assign food and drink stallholders for the event. Basically, whatever can be managed easily by technology instead of volunteers sitting and physically pawing through information for days has been undertaken.  The digital solutions do all the “heavy lifting” of managing the copious amounts of data, which allows the HookUp Volunteers to focus on providing people a positive family fishing experience.” 

Signed Jennifer McGuire  Life Member – Boyne Tannum HookUp

Points Of Transformation:

Launched: 5 Years Ago
Built With C#.NET

Automation Of Management & Rote Tasks Allowing Staff More Time For Event Related Tasks

Improved Enterant Experience Through Digital Sign Up

Data Insights on Enterant And Organisations

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NOT FOR Profit House - Gladstone

“Not for Profit House has been built on the principle of people developing people, so in order to help as many people as possible we’ve adopted technology by engaging Bitplex to configure a Volunteer Portal.  It’s not like a usual recruitment website; instead the Portal identifies your passions, interests and availability to link you with potential Community Group opportunities in your region.  The Portal takes all the leg work out of finding volunteering needs; just like Bitplex took all the hard work out of developing a digital solution for us.  Once we worked out our business requirement, the Bitplex team worked out the software solution.  We didn’t need to understand the tricky details.  We just needed to user acceptance test the solution to make sure it was fit for our purpose.  It was all very simple and on a shoe-string budget.”

Points Of Transformation:

Launched: Febuary, 2023
Built With C#.NET and Angular

Automation Of Rote Tasks Freeing Precious Volunteer Time

Improved Volunteer Interaction

Data Insights Illuminating Volunteer And Organisations Motivations and Barriers

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Website Screenshot

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"Bitplex’s flexibility and understanding made it so easy to turn our vision into reality. Whether it was complex technical requirements or just simple forms, Bitplex always delivered what we needed. Bitplex was able to adapt quickly whenever our latest idea become a “need it now” priority."

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